About ICSR

ICSR is an Autonomous Body of Scientists, Academicians and Technocrats committed towards promoting excellence in scientific research. It aims to bridge the gap among all the stake holders involved in scientific research from lab to market by providing necessary funding, Patent facilitation and common platform for publishing their research. ICSR is also committed towards promotion of green technology and provides special support for Go Green Initiatives.

ICSR is an organic association consisting of several serving as well as retired Scientists and Professors from various academic institutions and research laboratories as well as eminent personalities from Industry and Market. ICSR helps the researchers free of cost by providing right direction, research assistance and guidance in their research with the help of its worldwide network of scientists and researchers.

ICSR also organizes conferences, workshops and seminars on one hand and also provides sponsorship to its members for organizing such scientific and academic events. It also collaborates with several International research laboratories and academic institutions for achieving its objectives. ICSR offers prizes, certificates, honorariums and awards to recognize people who have made exceptionally significant and distinguished contributions in their respective fields. To make quality research available to all the stake holders without any financial, technical or legal overhead, the ICSR has also started ICSR Journals.

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ICSR Journals

ICSR Journals are broad based, open access, blind, multiple peer reviewed, online journal containing only high quality research papers, thesis, scientific literatures, case studies, surveys, argumentative articles, analytical papers , reviews, monographs etc on diverse fields of academic interest. It is a monthly journal i.e. Twelve Volumes in a year. Each volume consisting of three issues. The quality of the publication is of very high standard and each paper is reviewed by one executive editor and 3 associate editors before final approval and publication. ICSR Journals is an initiative of ICSR (International Consortium of Scientists and Researchers) and aims to disseminate the scientific knowledge from researcher to all other stake holders free of cost. In addition ICSR Journals also provides a platform to ICSR Members for free publication of their scientific research. The journal recognizes its researchers and publishers by honoring them with certificates and honorariums. Being a green journal it is restricted to electronic media only.
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Why ICSR Journals

  • Free Publication: We publish papers/thesis free of cost for ICSR Members. The ICSR members are also treated as associate editors of ICSR Journals and are responsible for peer reviewing of the papers submitted in their field and accordingly paid $10 or equivalent per paper reviewed.For non members a nominal publication fee is charged. We also publish conference papers with zero paper handling charges. Apply for ICSR Membership by Clicking here

  • Paper evaluation by specialized ICSR Societies: ICSR is organized into various societies specialized in their respective domains. The Manuscripts are submitted by their respective authors to one of these societies (as decided by the author) depending upon the subject of the manuscript and the specialized scope of the corresponding society (manuscript is submitted to a specialized ICSR Society to which it is related). The societies are involved in thorough reviewing (QUICK Analysis), approval/modification/rejection and publication of manuscripts of their own specialized discipline.

  • Fast, Fair and Transparent Evaluation: Each manuscript is submitted to a specialized ICSR Society to which it is related. The corresponding author is informed about submission of manuscript within 24 Hours of submission with a unique Manuscript Id. This unique Manuscript Id is used as the Subject (E-Mail) for all future correspondence in regard to this particular manuscript. The corresponding ICSR Society appoints 3 associate editors and one executive editor through a double blind review process (the author, the three associate editors and the executive editor do-not know each other). The editors evaluate the manuscript at the scale of 100 for following criteria - Originality of the work; Significance of the contribution; Understanding of the Author; Innovation and practical application; Clarity of thoughts and simplicity of presentation; and preliminary Knowledge of the author about the subject. The paper is evaluated within five days of submission through QUICK Analysis. The QUICK Index of the Manuscript (marks awarded to the manuscript during QUICK Analysis) is mailed to the author as Acceptance/rejection/modification letter within 7 days of submission of the manuscript.

  • High standards of publication: Selection of a manuscript for Publication in ICSR Journals is possible only if the QUICK Index of the manuscript (weighted average of the marks awarded to the manuscript by 4 different editors during QUICK Analysis) is more than 65%. The ICSR Journal does not compromise with the standards of the papers published by it. The camera ready copy of the paper (the final paper) is published within 10 days of submission of the manuscript.
  • Publication certificate and Acceptance Letter: The manuscripts approved for publication by the Specialized ICSR Society (i.e manuscripts having QUICK Index of more than 65%) are sent to the author within 7 days of paper submission in the form of Acceptance Letter. The paper is published within 10 days of the submission of the manuscript. The ICSR also sends Publication Certificate as a token of appreciation to the author. The Publication certificate and Acceptance Letter are digitally signed and also contain a unique QR Code for easy identification through mobile Apps.
  • Highly Indexed: All papers published by ICSR Journals are uniquely identified by Embedded Digital Object Identifier (E-DOI). The E-DOI makes your papers highly visible to the scientific community through widespread indexing supported by leading panel of publishers, promoters and scientific institutions like Cross-Ref, Index Copernicus, Open J Gate, AQCJ, i-Submit , ResearcherId, get CITED , Google Scholar, New-Jour etc.

  • Regular and Timely Publication: Authors are informed about submission of manuscript within 24 Hours of submission with a unique Manuscript Id. The paper is reviewed within 5 days and the author is informed about the selection/rejection/modifications in the manuscript within 7 days of submission. The camera ready copy of the paper (the final paper) is published within 10 days of submission of the manuscript.

  • Awards and Honorariums: ICSR recognizes its authors by providing them Digital Certificates of Submission within 15 days of the publication of the paper. ICSR also recognizes its extra ordinary researchers (who continuously contribute in any particular field of scientific research) by Honorariums, awards and excellence certificates.

  • Free Membership: We also offer Free ICSR membership (life time) to those academicians and researchers who have made significant contribution in their field. Those authors who have frequently published papers in ICSR Journals are also considered for Free ICSR Membership subject to approval by ICSR Committee.

  • Event Sponsorship and Research Grants: By becoming member of ICSR you can seek sponsorship for various events (scientific conferences and seminars) and research grants for various projects undertaken by you in your field.
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  • Patent Facilitation: ICSR has a dedicated panel of patent attorneys worldwide to provide patent facilitation and advisory services of highest standards at minimum possible cost. ICSR offers basic advisory services related to patent handling free of cost.
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Chief Executive Editor

Sr.Professor of Physics, Leading Academecian, Educator

Area of Interest:Electro-Magnetism, Optics, Quantum Physics and Relativity; Religion, Spiritualism and its relation with Science

Served as Dean of Science and Head of the Department in St Columba's College Jharkhand. After more than 40 years of teaching and research he superannuated from sevice in January 1996 as Dean of Science, Vinoba Bhave University, Ranchi. Since then he continues to inspire youngsters and actively participates in various articles of scientific and spiritual interest. All these years he has mentored numerous young brains and most of his pupils and doctoral students are at respectable positions.

He claims that "Cosmos and God are two sides of the same coin" and firmly believes that "Where Science ends the quest for God and Spirituality begins".

He often quotes the famous lines of Albert Einstein to explain his thoughts on connection between Spirituality and Science-

"As the circle of light increases, so does the circumference of darkness around it."

Vice Chief Executive Editor

Dr Sebastiano Battiato

Dr Sebastiano Battiato is authority in the field of Image Processing, Image Forensics, Image Steganography, Computer Vision and Multimedia Data Analysis. He received his degree in computer science (summa cum laude) in 1995 from University of Catania and his Ph.D. in computer science and applied mathematics from University of Naples in 1999. Presently he is lead faculty at University of Catania, Italy and visiting faculty at University of Jean Monnet - Sain Etienne, France. He is also an editor of the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and System for Video Technology. He has authored eight different books in his field namely - Fundamentals of Image Processing (Fundamnenti di image processing) and Digital Image Processing (Elaborazione del imagini digitali) in Italian and Computer Vision - Detection, Recognition and Reconstruction, Machine Learning for Computer Vision, Registration and Recognition in Images and Videos, Advanced topics in Computer Vision, Image Processing for embedded devices and Digital Imaging for cultural heritage preservation in English. He has published numerous papers in the field and has more than 20 patents on his name.

He has large number of international publications on his name but the most notable and well recognized papers authored by him and still remembered by the academia includes the following -

Image Compression with Function Trees

Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference "Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition and Applications", July 2-6,2001 - Rhodes, Greece, pp. 201,206 July 2001

Glyph Representation of Directional Texture Properties

10-th International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision '2002 , WSCG 2002 Plzen, Czech Republic February 2002

Perceptual Visual Texture Classification and Retrieval

12th International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing -September 17-19, 2003 - Mantova, Italy September 2003

Automatic Conversion Technique from Data Dependent Triangulation to SVG B-Splines

IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging Newsletter
November 2005

Advanced SVG Rendering of Digital Images

Procedings of 13-th International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision 2005

Advanced Indexing Scheme for Imaging Applications: Three-Case Studies

IET Image Processing

Scene Categorization Using Bags of Textons on Spatial Hierarchy

IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, ISBN: 978-3-540-92891-1, ISSN: 0302-9743 (Print) 1611-3349 (Online), pp. 2536-2539, 2008

Spatial Hierarchy of Textons Distributions for Scene Classification

International Conference on MultiMedia Modeling, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 5371, ISBN/ISSN: 978-3-540-92891-1, 2009

Red-Eyes Removal Through Cluster Based Linear Discriminant Analysis

International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP) 2010

2010 Bags of Phrases with Codebooks Alignment for Near Duplicate Image Detection

ACM Workshop on Multimedia in Forensics, Security and Intelligence (MiFor 2010) , in conjunction with the 2010 ACM Multimedia (ACM-MM), Firenze, Italy

Boosting Gray Codes for Red Eyes Removal

International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR) 2010 ISBN: 978-0-7695-4109-9

Red-Eyes Removal Through Cluster Based Boosting on Gray Codes

Eurasip Journal on Image and Video Processing - an Open Access Journal - Special issue on "Emerging Methods for Color Image and Video Quality Enhancement", ISSN 1687-5176, e-ISSN
1687-5281, Vol. 2010

Exploiting Textons Distributions on Spatial Hierarchy for Scene Classification

EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing, ISSN 1687-5176, e-ISSN 1687-5281, Vol. 2010, Article ID 919367, 13 pages, 2010. doi:10.1155/2010/919367

Multimedia in Forensics, Security and Intelligence

IEEE Multimedia

"Instant Scene Recognition on Mobile Platform"

Demo at European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV)
October 2012

Content-Aware Image Resizing With Seam Selection Based on Gradient Vector Flow

International Conference on Image Processing. (ICIP) 2012

On the performances of computer vision algorithms on mobile platforms

IS&T/SPIEElectronic Imaging, California United States
January 2012.

Aesthetic scoring of digital portraits for consumer applications

IS&T / SPIE - Proceedings of XIII Conference on Electronic Imaging

Adaptive Compression of Stereoscopic Images

ICIAP 2013 - Springer

Low-cost roto-translational video stabilization

United States US20130286241 A1

Frequency of Publication

ICSR journals is a monthly publications i.e. Twelve Volumes in a year. Each volume consits of three issues.

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